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    Automatic Asphalt Compactor

    아스팔트 자동 다짐기

    대전토지주택공사, 부산광역시 건설안전시험 사업소 외.

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    Automatic asphalt dajim are used to automatically promise asphalt compounds for use in testing and other test specimens.
    The sample is designed to be accurately manufactured and manufactured accurately by ASTM and KS specifications, 100 mm.
    In particular, the precision of the specified drop heights is achieved by using the precision LM Guide for the hammer support.
    You can set the number of times the user can use the timer by using the timer requested in the control box.

    ◈모델(MODEL) SGF-613A
    작동(Operation) 전동 기어식
    낙하장치(Device) 로울러 체인이송, 해머
      직경 : 100.6mm
      중량 : 4536±0.01gram
    몰드(Mold) 외경 : 112mm
      내경 : 101.6mm
      높이 : 76.2mm
      재질 : STKM13C(Cr도금)
    LM GUIDE 길이 : 890mm
    해머낙하높이(Hammer drop high) 450mm 이상
    분당다짐회수(One Minute Compact Number) 48±2 회/min
    다짐회수측정방식(Compat Number Measure method) 비접촉식 근접 스위치
    자동정지(Auto Stop Device) 자동 계수
    실린더 無 크기(Cylinder no use dimension) 450 x 450 x 1900
    실린더 有 크기(Cylinder use dimension) 450 x 450 x 2200
    전원(Power) 단상 220V, 60Hz, 0.4kW